latest news:  "Cube Sphere Gold", for the group show: Les Extatiques at Paris La Défense, in Paris, France, 24th june 2021 - 03rd october 2021 .


"Flamingo One Arch", for the group show: "Wie im Paradies" at Höhenrausch Art Center, in Linz, Austria, 6th may 2021 - 17th october 2021 .

"Mix", for the group show: Diversity at IOMA Art Center, in Beijing, China, 23rd april 2021 - 05th september 2021 .

"Silver Pyramid" & "Blue Pyramid", at Freeport Fashion Outlet, in Lisbon, Portugal, 19th may 2021 - 19th november 2021 .

"The Knot", new immersive artwork at Fedsquare, in Melbourne, Australia, 15th july 2021 - 5th september 2021 .