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Live Talks: Hamid Hassanzadeh, founder of Parametric Architecture in conversation with Cyril Lanceli

PA Live 003 – Cyril Lancelin

In this series of talks done by Hamid Hassanzadeh, founder of Parametric Architecture, he interviewed French artist Cyril Lancelin known for famous works such as Knot, a giant immersive sculpture in Hangzhou and Pyramid Sphere again an immersive sculpture in Philadelphia. After working for well-known architects and artists in Paris and Los Angeles, Cyril carries on creating mesmerizing works in his studio which he started in 2016.

Joyful use of sculptures and images combined with technology and art takes viewers to Cyril’s digital world. He benefits from parametrical tool’s typical shapes and volumetric spaces to invent his quirky installations. In his astonishing world, he wants viewers to experience and engage in art in its large scale formats and question their habitat.

In this interview, Cyril Lancelin has shared what his works are associated with, what are his inspirations for creating immersive structures and his background.

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