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Flap³ created in partnership with GoogleATAP is at DesignMiami in Basel!

Flap³ is an interactive artwork that explores the relationship between the viewer, the artwork, and technology. In partnership with @GoogleATAP and @DesignMiami, Flap³ uses 12 Soli radar sensors - a miniature radar developed by Google ATAP that understands human motions at various scales - visitors can influence the form and create a unique ever-evolving shape through their movements and speed, resulting in a dialogue and gesture between the viewer and the artwork.

Flap³'s movement is defined by the virtual and variables Lancelin integrates into the sculpture which the public is invited to explore and serves as a bridge between them, creating a shared space of creativity that viewers can experience and share on social media networks.

Special thanks to:

@sarahandelman , @GoogleATAP, @CamilleBenech, Jonathan Tanant,


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