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“WE LAND” at K11 Guangzhou is open!

“WE LAND”—— A Wonder-Virtual Land @k11guangzhou

Address:chi K11 Art Space,Guangzhou

Date:Nov/25 2022 - Mar/12 2023

Artist:Cyril Lancelin

Exhibition curated by Guangzhou K11 Art Mall and K.D. Art

Recently Guangzhou created the very first wonder-virtual land in K11 in collaboration with me,as my first solo-exhibition of art around the world. This exhibition presents a diversified portfolio of artworks as well as offers an interesting social call, a live conversation with audience, and a link between digital media and physical materials in the real world.

“We Land” presents a dozen of signature series of installations and digital artworks in my career and creates a co-existing space of the real world and the digital realm by sorting, ungrouping, and regrouping his most favored collections into four themes, “Mirror Yourself”, “Coin Yourself”, “Digit Yourself” and “Enjoy Yourself”. It paves the multi-dimensional access to both reality and fantasy and builds up the mirroring borderlines between the two worlds with geometrical representations of abstract architectures, inviting you to roam the half-real and half-unreal art landscapes, experience the visual wonders, explore the creation of your inner world and dominion and ignite the structuring and considerations for future social spaces.

This event marks my very first solo exhibition in China featuring an installation “House Bitcoins” and “Wireframe” on its world’s debut, and “Half Pyramid” and “Flamingo Card”, the iconic classics with his creative genes. It is a landmark event for me to launch this new art pieces in front of a global audience as well as a critical catalog of my digital, spatial and artistic representations. “We Land” is the digital dimension of technologies and an artistic simulation, like a kaleidoscope erected in a multi-dimensional world, through which you will see the collision of reality and imagination, and a realm of aesthetics and fantasies. Built right on the line between reality and the digital world, “We Land”, as the name entails, is an exhibition home to an array of dimensions and invites the audience to explore the art horizon behind digital fantasies, with a grid-like floor plan.

Thanks a lot to @k11guangzhou and K.D.Art to bring the exhibition to China

Thanks to my good friends and cooperation partners in China @realzhq、@henryhahahahaha to realize my colorful and wild imagination.

And thx to all the team members of K11 Guangzhou who have made great efforts to this project.


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